WordCamp Asia

WordCamp Asia, the largest WordPress event in Asia, took place in Bangkok last week. The event brought together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, and business owners from all over the world to share ideas, learn from each other, and network. 

This year’s inaugural event featured a range of informative talks and workshops that covered a wide range of topics related to WordPress. Looking at it from the outside (and kicking myself for not going!) I could see that it was a well-run conference and a great addition to the WP community calendar.

The item that interested me the most though was the Enterprise Gap meetup run by Humanmade.

It featured talks by leaders such as Karim Marucchi from Crowd Favourite and Miriam Schwabb from Elementor and Strattic, and there was a panel discussion about ‘The challenges of WordPress in the Enterprise space’, which was also attended by Myles Lagolago Craig from XWP and Noel Tock from Humanmade. 

It’s great to see this kind of discussion and event happening in the WordPress community. Although WordPress grew out of hobbyist and community efforts, there is sustained growth in mid-market and enterprise companies using WordPress as their CMS of choice, as companies embrace a more flexible, open-source and licence-free model.

It’s clearly a growth area and as we see cutbacks and redundancies on an almost daily basis across the world, I can see more companies moving towards an OSS model, saving themselves money on proprietary platforms and investing in an open architecture that can scale with them. 

I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more in this area, and getting involved with how we can push this forward as part of a combined effort.